I was a thin kid who ate to escape my parent’s fighting and my father’s disapproval.  I could control that part of my life, but all I did was spiral out of control.  I became thinner in high school, thanks to sports, but I didn’t give much thought to it.  I got myself into a bad marriage and ate to escape, but ran straight into the arms of major depression.  Once I overcame that, I got a good job getting plenty of exercise.  Then I got myself into another bad relationship that lasted twelve years.  Oh, I lost 100 pounds at the beginning of that relationship, but after I got hurt on the job and got married, the weight came back. I ate to spite her.  I ate to gave her a reason to reject me, instead of having no reason.  This was a reason that I was in control of.  Except I wasn’t.  The suggestion came – from my wife – to sign up for The Biggest Loser.  Divorce came, the weight stayed the same or jumped because I was bored or unhappy with my life.  I finally got into therapy, had some major breakthroughs and made the decision to change my life once and for all with bariatric surgery.  It is a lifetime commitment to myself, no to someone else.  There will be dangers associated with it.  There will always be temptation in the form of calories.  It will be hard, establishing new habits and patterns of behavior related to food.  There will always be a physical ailment, likely different each time, keeping me from various levels of activity, because I haven’t taken care of myself very well over the course of my life.  But today is a new day, friend.

Today is always a new day.


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